23 - Nikki Johnson

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That's right, Nikki. If you spell it "Nicky" she will hunt you down. In a list of Johnsons, this girl stands out. After being voted "Best Eyes" (by people who have eyes) Nikki learned to look at the world a little differently. She does not see her offense, she sees weakness in defenders and the place where her cutters will be. She handles with the best of 'em and can get you out of your stall 9 jam. Her first book, "Shredding defenses: Yellow 3/4 length tights and other secrets of the game" is slated for release this season.

Nikki wants to live in a world filled with stars, smiles, and free glute massages. Barring that, she'd settle for a hug and tickets to a Celtics game.

When she’s not throwing the spiciest inside-out flick in the Southwest region, you can find her posting up, calling for the rock, and workin' on her J.