27 - Nick "Puddles" Thompson

Bio pic

A woman once fell into the chocolate chasm of his eyes, and has not been seen since.

His frisbee meme was so photogenic, it broke Reddit.

He once D'd Bill Nye the Science Guy, all while explaining his own theory of relativity.

Kittens google pictures of him when they need a pick-me-up.

He takes magnesium for muscle cramps, and magnesium is happy to oblige.

He's a better looking robot than you are a human.

He always wears tights no matter the temperature, as his hamstrings are finely tuned guitar strings that must be protected.

He does his own laundry--on his own abs.

In the off season, he rides a black stallion named Midnight Storm.

The next Kombucha flavor will contain droplets of his sweat.

He can, and will, jump higher than you.

He can, and will, lay out further than you.

He can, and will, smile longer than you.

His nickname may have come from nothing, but it means everything.

He is... the most interesting ultimate player in the world.