10 - Kyle Ord

Meet one of our newest groovy additions: our adorbs babyfaced pun-wielding O-Bro, Kyle aka Ky~e (pronounced something like Kyrrrrrr, with slightly nasal overtone). After migrating from a college-land far far away named Duke, and more recently from Yosemite rangering, Ky~e wasted no time impressing all with his zippy cuts, ear-to-ear-grinning full field hucks, and did I mention those big blue eyes?

First he (bow)wowed us on SFWL's Dog(e)patch, and then served up such delectable Deep Dish at Lei Out that we simply couldn't resist. After a brief tug-of-war with the Molar Hairs (names have been changed to protect privacy) during tryouts, Groove emerged victorious and luckily was able to claim Kyle an officially Groovy Dude 2014 (TM). Also luckily his grooviness came naturally.

From bestowing nickname gems like Puddles to scaling walls of breweries, to hosting World Cup viewings at his casa, to ensuring the Groove-Me is ever-replete with puns, Ky~e fit right in. Now he's off exploring Norwegian woods, and our fingers are crossed that he doesn't get scooped up by some Scandinavian goddess-model (though for his sake this would admittedly be amazing) and instead returns for Groove 2015.