43 - Georgia Valentine

Georgia is one of those people who can crack you up with a wacky facial expression out of nowhere, then roast you upline while you’re laughing. Yeah, she may only be 4’14”, but underestimating her based upon her height, or shorth(?), will get you nowhere. I mean, really. You try and guard her then. When paired in the backfield with her buddy Alec, not only will the two of them run give-go circles around you, but they’ll do it while making goofy-as-shit noises all the while, thereby multiplying the embarrassment tenfold. Yet, despite her onfield tenacity, Georgia is also one of the nicest and coolest cats you could meet. She’s just as skilled at pumping you up as she is at helping you recognize your great worth as a person. Plus, she has a wicked haircut that, chances are, you couldn’t pull off. Ahh, screw those chances. Let’s just go with the reality: you can’t. But you are allowed to be jealous. So that’s a consolation.