17 - Brooke Ray "B-Ray" Smith

Bio pic

Brooke Ray Smith (B-Ray) goes hard at life. She is an absolute baller who truly shines in boosting the game of ultimate and the happiness of people around her. We've seen her handle with the best of them on the misty fields of Winter League and the endless sands of Santa Monica, but she is right at home as an alpha O-Line cutter. She is unstoppable when she's in the Groove, and trust me, she is always in the Groove. In a response to a question on the success of America's healthcare system, President Barack (B-Rock) Obama declared, "I'm sorry, what was that? I was busy watching B-Ray make a sick grab while laying out sideways."

In a tribute which does not even come close to capturing her awesomeness, a poetic tribute:

B-Ray, we'll always B-Rayteful for your loving heart, You'll always B-Rayte there when the fun will start, You've never B-(t)Rayed another soul, or used your B-Ray gun to blast a hole.

From a sense of joy we can't B-fRayn, Whether the sky is filled with sun or B-Rayn. You are often B-Raycing amongst the best in the world, And from your B-Rayn your knowledge of urban planning is unfurled.

To the defense you're aB-Raysive with your lefty B-Raykes, Your B-raynge of throws is oft preceded by fakes, No B-Rayted player, you only have an A-Game, You'll B-Rayngin down the house with all of your fame.

Even though you're sometimes ineB-Rayted at night, You can help people read B-Raylle if they don't have sight, And so as this poem ends for a B-Raydient friend, Stay fun and B-Reayl from the start to the end.