77 - Alec Surmani (captain)

Alec has every ingredient of a leave-it-all-on-the-field, goofy, wise, and super nice, cool guy buddy. He gets you pumped to make crazy plays on the field and to pump up your teammates like crazy on the sideline. Why? Because you better believe that whatever the stakes are and whatever the challenge of the day is, he going to show you what it looks like to be fucking AMPED to be playing the great sport of ultimate frisbee. Some say he once got stuck in the middle of a spiny roundabout on the playground and that the centripetal force caused his limbs to stretch out double in length. The truth is, however, that with every grass tickling, breakmark throw Alec grows a little longer. But you’ll miss your chance to marvel at this phenomenon, because he will have already beaten you up line with a lightning speed give-and-go. Alec is fluent in many languages including derpilyschmoop and gleebinboing (which we can only assume he learned alongside Jeff). If he isn’t busy boxing out and skying someone in the endzone, you might be lucky enough to develop a secret high-five with Alec that is good for doing pretty much anytime anywhere – sound effects always included.