About Groove

Team Photo

Right there, right there, let the Groove get in.

Groove is a competitive mixed ultimate team based in the Bay Area. After a few seasons as GrasSFace and one as FunK before that, we made the transition to Groove in 2013, emerging stronger and funkier than ever.

We're committed to competing at the highest levels of the division and building up our name, looking to bring stellar play to every team we face. Even more than that, however, we're dedicated to having a lot of fun and supporting each other as teammates and friends – because if we're not doing that what's the point?

We like to hang out frequently and have plenty of good times together, priding ourselves on good spirit amongst each other and with our opponents. Playing great ultimate and winning is important, but treating each other with love and respect is paramount. Luckily for us all, none of these are mutually exclusive. And Groove is always working to be a great model of the hard-working, spirited ultimate we all love.

So if you're interested in joining our funky squad, or just looking to hang out and maybe have a tasteful dance party (pants optional), feel free to drop us a line or send over a winky emoticon. We'll get the drift.

And always remember: Groove is in the heart.

Also, this is Brett's favorite song.