2014 Season in Review

Looking to build on the success of 2013, Groove came out hard in the following year, showing great potential early in the season.

Although the tournament was non-sanctioned and, as a result, much less hotly contested, Groove nevertheless showed great chemistry in June, sweeping through Cal States and coming out on top, thanks to wins over BW Ultimate, Polar Bears, and Mischief on Sunday.

Groove continued and built upon this at Revolution in San Francisco. After taking the pool on Saturday thanks to another key win over Mischief—wherein we went on a 4-1 run out of half to take the comeback victory—we cleaned up in quarters and semis, notching solid wins over Dorado and American BBQ. We weren’t able to maintain the same focus in the finals against 7 Figures, however, and mental mistakes and miscues put us in a hole early. We weren’t able to close the gap and ended up taking second, looking to learn and improve for our biggest tournament of the regular season.

Colorado Cup yielded great weather and a nice array of teams from across the country that we wouldn’t normally get to play against. After dropping our first game to a reinvigorated Blackbird, Groove managed to close out on the rest of the Saturday competition, beating 7Express, Pleasuretown, and Cosa Nostra. Sunday proved to be similar, as we would once again fall to a strong 7 Figures team in quarters, then proceed to best 7Express again and NOISE. We took a disappointing fifth place, but helped play our part in the Southwest’s dominance, only losing to in-region teams.

Sectionals played out in comparable fashion. After defeating all our opponents on Saturday, we got crushed by Blackbird in the finals. Though we managed to beat BW Ultimate twice on Sunday, we came away from the weekend with the knowledge that we’d need to come up with some answers for Regionals if we expected to finally break through and qualify for our first Nationals.

Despite valiant play and great heart from everyone on the team, Groove just couldn’t manage to find those answers in Morgan Hill for our final tournament of 2014. After toppling Alchemy and Dauntless, we dropped a close one to Mischief in our most crucial meeting of the season and despite playing what may have been our best game of the weekend. The loss left us demoralized and we consequently got trounced by Blackbird once again in quarters, electing to regroup for Sunday.

Our first play-in game the next morning resulted in yet another loss to 7 Figures, leaving us to fight through the backdoor bracket for the fifth and final bid to Nationals. We managed to stave off Dauntless again, but we just couldn’t put it together in our seventh game of the weekend. Too many execution errors and questionable decisions left us in a great deficit against American BBQ that we weren’t able to erase in time. We were knocked out of contention and left to strategize for 2015.

Yet, though the season didn’t end the way we would have liked, 2014 as a whole illustrated just how competitive, and exceptionally fun and spirited, Groove can be. Thus, we not only succeeding in participating in a season that offered so very many positives and great experiences, but we also walked away with a bolstered confidence about how fired up we’re going to come out in 2015.

Groove on!